30 Aug 2016

Tour of Britain Stage 3: Bollington gone biking bonkers

Tour de France, Olympics and now the Tour of Britain, it’s no wonder our village has gone orange bike bonkers after the great successes recently of our Great British cyclists. We thought they were brilliant at the London Olympics, and unbelievably they were better in Rio.

Living on the Wirral in the 90’s we celebrated the 1992 Olympic win for local cyclist Chris Boardman, and for a long while after our roads were full of cyclists at the weekends. In particular down the Wirral Way; this ran from West Kirby in the North to Hooton, and follows part of an old railway track down the west coast. The last few Olympics and the Tour de France have hyped it all up again, especially as we now have so many top British cyclists to celebrate and support. The 2016 Olympics and our brilliant Team GB gave us so many memories but the most enduring I suspect will be of Bradley Wiggins pulling his face and putting his fellow team mates in to hysterical laughter on the podium with their gold medals.

So it is with great delight that we heard that he will be racing in the Tour of Britain this year and, even better for me is that he is coming straight past my house. The village has been preparing for the last month or so with a small but valiant team collecting unwanted bikes and painting them orange. When they had run out of bikes, or it became impossible to hang a real one from a window the plastic cut outs adorned railings, windows, lampposts, fences anywhere in fact that you could stick one. So it was a pleasure to be asked if they could attach one to our railings.

On arriving home on Friday we had a little hat left on our railings in the hope that the owner of said little hat could retrieve it, but in a Wiggo moment I couldn’t resist putting the hat on the orange cut out cyclist. I walked in doors chuckling to my self and when I pointed out what I had done to my husband he had a chuckle too. To my amusement everyone that went past thought it was funny as well.

The hat has now gone, hopefully back to its owner and we now only have a short time to wait until we can cheer the cyclist on as they go up into the climb, not as severe as some of those in France but still should test a few with the pinnacle being at the Cat & Fiddle (one of the highest pubs in England at 1,772 feet) before descending back down through Macclesfield forest and heading for the finishing line in Knutsford.

Thank you to all of you involved in British cycling, and thank you Team GB for putting the pride back into Olympics. We have been so used to not winning that I think we have forgotten how to celebrate but if you come through Bollington you will see that we are getting back in the swing of things.

Good luck to all who are cycling.

By Alessio Ferrero