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13 Nov 2017

7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Video Content

Video content is becoming the quickest and most appealing way to promote or inform your audience about a new product. However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds and the smallest of mistakes can be the hardest to fix. Here are seven top tips to get your video content up to scratch:


  1. Write a shot list before organising a filming day

When arriving to a film shoot, whether it be a short 20 second advert or a 30 minute documentary, not having a shooting list you will come across many problems. These include: running over time, running over budget, forgetting to shoot something important and even filming the wrong thing entirely. Break your list down into locations, order and shot type; that way you can be more efficient in what gets filmed and when. You wouldn’t want to film one thing in a location then have to come back later to film something else because you hadn’t organised yourself first.


  1. Interviews

If filming an interview, make sure your interviewee is facing across the space not away from it.  Again, an obvious point, but this is a mistake many people who don’t regularly work in the broadcasting world don’t realise they’re making. When interviewing a person for your film, make sure that the interviewee is sat either off to the left or right of the shot and they are facing across the open space.


  1. Location

A good backdrop for your video content can make or break a film. Content related backgrounds can help convey the product or idea to the viewer even without seeing a title, description or hearing any sound. Having more than one option for filming location is also a good idea, just in case you lose your first choice at the last minute. Outdoors is always a good choice for natural light. However, you are then restricted by the weather. Plan ahead and keep your options open.


  1. Risk Assessment

Risk assessments aren’t seen as the most glamorous part of the pre-production side of video creation. But they should never be rushed or shunned. They can help you prevent problems and manage risks should they occur. These risks can be as small as a trip hazard or as big as a fire. If you’re using a production company to make your video, they are likely to do their own risk assessment. However, it is still essential that you also risk assess for your own company and peace of mind.


  1. Research

Research into your video’s content is essential. You need to know the ins and outs of exactly what you’re trying to promote or inform your viewer of. If you don’t understand what you’re talking about why would other people. Make sure everything you’re trying to talk about is easy to understand and visually appealing.


  1. The magic of post-production

If you have followed the rules of filming so far then hopefully you shouldn’t have any problems with any of your footage. However, there is always a chance something could go wrong. Don’t panic, as post-production can save many problems. Whether it be correcting the colouring of the cutting out as stray piece of equipment in the background of a shot or even re-focussing an out of focus shot you just can’t do without.


  1. Sound

Sound is one of the most important aspects of a film. It contributes to the mood and can either draw a viewer in or put them off entirely. Picking music can be a hard task, so having a collection of varied genres will help you decide what you won’t your video to sound like. Interviews or spoken pieces to camera also need to have clear sound as those are the sections likely to contain the bulk of the information you want to convey.


Final thought

Getting a video wrong can actually harm your brand rather than enhance it. But if you get a video right it can be an amazing way to promote or sell an idea. With the rise of auto-play videos on Facebook, Twitter buying out Vine and Youtube generating extremely high viewing figures for its biggest stars, video content is certainly here to stay and you would be unwise to ignore its reach.


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