More female advisers needed

13 Nov 2019

More Female Advisers Needed, Claims Openwork

New Openwork research shows that over a third of advisers feel there is an urgent need for their companies to recruit more women, into both junior and senior roles.

Pollright carried out the research on behalf of Openwork, surveying a group of 100 IFAs. 34% of the respondents called for “immediate action” regarding the recruitment of more female advisors. Openwork says it “remains committed to tackling gender imbalance” and has since warned that more must be done by the industry to address this.

The same study also included consumers; 18% of women said they would consider a career as a financial adviser and 29% would consider a career in financial services. While industry figures show that just 11% of advisers are female.

The survey results were revealed in front of a record-breaking audience of female advisers and financial services professionals, at Openwork’s Women in Financial Services conference in London.

Openwork’s chief marketing officer Claire Oldstein commented:

“Openwork is committed to increasing the number of women working in financial services and the conference shows that there is a huge appetite among many women to pursue a career in financial advice.

“Recruiting more women is good for business as much as anything else but it is perfectly clear that the industry as a whole must do much more to tackle the recruitment issue.

“Our research shows that women are genuinely interested in pursuing a career in advice and advisers themselves would like to see female representation at their firms increase.”

By Melissa Jones