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29 Nov 2017

5 ways to Get your Name Out There when you’re Self-Employed

One of the main challenges facing any business owner is how to market their business and brand. How do you get your name known? Attract your first client? Or build a reputation in your industry?

Our guide looks at five easy ways you can get your name out there when you’re self-employed.

Have a great website

In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to be self-employed and not have a website. Your website does two main things:

  • Helps potential customers to find your business
  • Acts as a shopfront for your product or service

Driving traffic to your website means ensuring that it is optimised for search engines. This is not as complicated as you might think, and many web developments sites now include built-in SEO tools to help increase the visibility of your page in search terms.

It’s also important for you to showcase the main unique selling points (USPs) and benefits of your business on your site. Well-written content is crucial, and regularly updating your website with fresh information – perhaps with news or a blog – can also help.

Engage on social media

A good social media strategy can also help you to get your name known.

Being a Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter success isn’t simply a case of shouting about yourself and your business. You must engage with influencers, organisations and peers within your own industry.

Regular posting is less important than regular engagement. Make the right connections and join professional groups to get your company name known among the right people. Make sure that your followers are aware of your services.

Updating and following social media can be time-consuming, so consider using a platform such as Hootsuite or Sprout to manage all your social media engagement.

Attend networking events

Networking events let you meet new people, develop business relationships and promote your services.

Breakfast meetings or local Chamber of Commerce events might require you to break out of your comfort zone, but they give you the opportunity to get your business known in your local area.

It’s important that you know your business inside out so that people can see you are an expert if your field. If you’re asking them to refer business to you, people need to know that their referral will be in good hands, and that you’ll provide them with a great service.

Successful networking also needs ongoing work. Attending an event is only the first step – following up on the new relationships you have developed is a crucial part of successful networking.

For example, you could connect with your new contacts on social media. You will remain in the forefront of their thoughts while they get to know you and your business better.

Engage within your industry

Becoming an authority within your industry can help you to generate a good reputation and can drive new business.

Well-written articles are an excellent way of getting your name and brand known. Ideally, these will appear in a place that your target market is likely to be reading, such as:

  • A blog or website – many websites seek out ‘guest posts’ from industry experts not employed by the business running the site.
  • Magazines – industry publications are often looking for content relevant to their target readership.
  • Newspapers – try pitching an idea for an article to the business editor of your local newspaper. If your piece has a local angle, then it’s more likely to be published.

Write a press release

Press releases are an excellent way of getting some free business promotion.

The key requirement of a press release is that it has to contain information that is newsworthy and that a publication is likely to publish. It needs to be a story that will resonate with the publication’s target readership.

Examples of press releases that you can consider are:

  • The impact of a national issue in your industry on your local market
  • The launch of a new product or service, or perhaps you’ve opened a new office?
  • Charity work that you or your business has undertaken
  • An award that you may have won
  • The recent expansion of your business.

Make sure you send the press release to the right person to maximise your chances of it being published online or in print.


Final Thought

Doing even one of these tips will hopefully increase your brand’s awareness. However, doing all five is your best bet for attracting new people to you and your brand. It can be hard trying to doing everything on your own, so use as many programs, software and apps as you can that will help you manage your time, social media and projects.

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By Alessio Ferrero