Take a look at 10 ways technology can improve your work life

16 Feb 2018

10 Ways Technology Can Help Organise Your Work Life

Getting organised can help you to make more time for the things you really want to be doing. Research has found that being organised can reduce stress and depression, improve your relationships, and boost your productivity. These days, there are hundreds of apps available to help you get things done. Here are 10 ways in which technology can help you to organise your life.

  1. Keep all your documents in one place

Making sure all your important paperwork is filed and ordered can be time-consuming.

Technology such as Genius Scan turns your mobile device into a personal document scanner. All you do is take a picture of the document (for example a receipt or contract) and Genius Scan converts it to a high-quality PDF, so you can archive it easily.

Premium editions then let you upload your scans directly to cloud-based services such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

  1. Organise your time

Do you sometimes wonder where all your time goes? RescueTime is available for both desktop and mobile devices and monitors your tech usage.

The app tracks the websites and applications that you use and generates reports, so you can see where you’re spending your time on any given day. You can then set goals to allocate your time more productively.

  1. Collaborate more effectively

If you’re part of a work team or you help to run a group in your spare time, technology can help you to collaborate with your colleagues more effectively.

Apps such as Slack let you share instant messages and files through an app, and it’s easy to create new channels and forums to organise different conversations.

  1. Use email folders

According to research, the average office worker receives 121 emails every working day. Organising your inbox is a straightforward way of organising your life.

One way to stay on top of your emails is to use email folders. If you create and label folders for each project/topic, you can deal with new emails one project at a time.

  1. Manage your tasks

Being organised involves getting things done. By using a task management app, you can keep track of all the things you need to do. Useful apps include:

  • TickTick – create a ‘to-do list’ and sync it across all your devices
  • Asana – useful for collaborative task management across a team
  • Papier – a clean and simple way of ordering your notes and to-dos
  1. Don’t get distracted

How often have you been distracted from a task because you’ve seen an article or video from the web that you want to look at?

Apps such as Pocket let you save links, articles and videos from the web, so you can revisit them later when you have more time.

  1. Plan your social media

In this day and age, social media has become an important marketing opportunity. It can be time-consuming to manage all your social media channels, and so applications such as Hootsuite can help you organise your posts.

Hootsuite lets you coordinate your marketing across all the main social networks (including Facebook, Twitter and Google+) from a single dashboard. You can also upload content to sites such as YouTube and Instagram.

As well as managing your content, it also provides analytics so you can see how well your social media marketing is performing.

  1. Keep up to date with market data

As a financial industry professional, you need to keep up with the latest market data. Apps and software such as Quotestream offer fast, reliable and comprehensive market data, analysis and research information.

You’ll get real-time data, market information, and analytics to help you make informed decisions. You can also create a folder for each client in order to help track their portfolio.

  1. Move to a paperless office

Printing documents when you’re on the go or at client meetings can be difficult. Apps such as HelloSign allow you to upload and prepare documents to be completed and signed by third parties. When the documents are signed, an electronic version of the document is sent to all parties.

This cloud-based electronic signature tool makes it easy to sign and save documents paperlessly, and any documents signed are legally valid under European Directives.

  1. Carry out complex calculations on the go

If you need a handy financial calculator that solves compound interest and ‘time value of money’ equations, the Compoundee app can help you.

It calculates how much investments will be worth over a period of time, and can also show you what initial investment or regular deposits are needed to achieve a desired outcome.

Final Thoughts

Keeping organised can be tough, but if done successfully it will show your clients that you are someone they can rely on to organise their finances. Technology is everywhere so using it your advantage will certainly help you kick-start your 2018, the right way.

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