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At Financial Advice Network we provide a structured programme of support, advice and guidance designed to free professional advisers of many of the costly and time-consuming regulatory and administrative procedures they face day by day and lets you focus on what's best for you and your business - building trusted and lasting relationships with your clients.

We can offer you the expertise and tools you need to grow your business with reduced regulatory risk, optimum cost-efficiency and access to technology that can streamline your procedures.

So if you are looking to change network or join one for the first time, get in touch with us today.

So whether you are whole of market, offer restricted products, provide mortgage and protection plans or protection planning only, we can offer you an unrivalled level of support and expertise.

UK budget deficit more than expected in June

The government has recorded a slightly bigger than expected budget deficit in June, even though borrowing over the first three months of the financial year was seen as being the lowest since 2007.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported in June the budget deficit stood at £5.394 billion, which was better than compared to over a year ago where it was £6.239 billion.

Google to be fined by EU for Android

Google is set to be fined by the European Commission (EC) after they claimed that the US tech giant’s mobile device strategy unfairly strengthened its dominance of search.

The fine could be up to 10% of the annual revenue made by the group, which amounts $11.1 billion (£8.5 billion). Additionally, they may be forced to unbundle their Android from Chrome and other Google services.

Tesco to face charges of £4bn over equal pay claims

Approximately 1,000 Tesco employees are taking part in legally challenging Tesco for equal pay, which means the company, could have to pay out about £4 billion.

Majority of the shop floor workers at their stores are female and it is claimed that they are being paid as much as £3 an hour less than their colleagues.

Warehouse staff at Tesco earn about £8.50 an hour increasing to more than £11 an hour, while the store staff have a basic pay of about £8 an hour.

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